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Accounting and Tax Services


In recent years, along with the development of Burmese economy, accounting standards and policies systems have been changing dramatically in accordance with international standards and practices. It is impossible to operate in Myanmar if the company does not have Chief Accountant, or Accounting Service Provider.

However, the workload of preparing financial report and tax report usually costs a lot of time and resources of the enterprises. Especially for a new setting up company which is not willing to pay time and expenses for recruiting an experienced and skilled accountant. As the result, outsourcing to accounting service provider for all accounting and taxing service is the most effective and economic solution for the enterprises.

With an experienced accounting team which is providing accounting service for a lot of companies including both 100% foreign owned companies and local companies, Viettonkin Consulting commits to provide the best quality service to Clients to help Clients with cost effective control, and tax compliance.

At the moment, we do have two different packages for accounting and tax services.

Package 1: Financial report preparation, tax declaration and legal consultation

In this package, our team will handle the following scope works:

  1. Advising Party A regarding Legal, Tax and accounting policy
  2. Register for issuance of VAT invoice
  3. Assisting company in Paying company tax, corporate income tax
  4. Making and submitting tax statement on a monthly and quarterly basis
  5. Issuing VAT invoices to Clients (if applicable).

Package 2: Full accounting services.

In this package, our team will act as the Chief Accountant function of your company. Your company will not need to handle any accounting work. The package will include the following scope of work:

Tax declaration

  • Preparing Annual company tax statements
  • Preparing monthly, quarterly tax reports including VAT, Corporate Income Tax, and Personal Income Tax.
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Preparing tax report for interal use and any managerial account work

Accounting work

  • Arranging and keeping accounting documents
  • Recording and bookkeeping all financial activities
  • Checking inputting and outputting documents to comply with Burmese Accounting Standards
  • Creating and printing accounting books
  • Being representative as Accountant for Client (if needed)
  • Being representative as Chief Accountant for Client (if needed)

Tax and labor consulting and Explaining

  • Advising on labor, payroll, and issuance issues
  • Advising accounting, taxing and invoices within the duties and power of accounting department
  • Working with and explaining to  tax agent when required
  • Working with Auditing firm when required

Delivering reports and submitting reports

  • Receiving documents from Clients, Suppliers
  • Submitting tax reports to Tax Authority
  • Submitting internal report to management when require

If you would like further information on our accounting services in Myanmar or other Southeast Asia regions, please either email to our Consultants at: or call to our Office:


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